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I do not want to suggest that these results are systematic. These videos are only here to show what, sometimes, hypnosis can do.

In hypnosis we use the terms of the persons, it is in no way a diagnosis but just a way to modify their perception. These terms used as titles of the videos are just used to classify them by themes.

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Click on a term to watch the corresponding video testimonial.

Advice for watching the testimonials videos:

First watch the first 5 videos in the order of presentation, these videos show the specificity of my method.

If the videos do not work, find them on my youtube page:

Person who claims to be suffering from a lack of menstruation.

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Person who claims to be suffering from severe anal pain.

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Person who claims to be suffering from deforming osteoarthritis.

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Atlas correction session: person saying that her baby suffers from the back, and has his neck blocked.

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