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My name is Pascal Brouard. I have been a hypnotherapist since 1996 in Angers, Maine et Loire. I am above all a lacanian psychoanalyst, I have taken the step towards the exclusivity of short hypnosis therapies since 2004. In the past I used to listen to people, now I ask them to speak less because I analyze the non-verbal above all. This is the essence of the ericksonian approach. I developed a personal technique of conversational hypnosis. I only use the classic deep trance for stopping smoking. In my sessions I provoke the symptom, cause it to be unscrewed, cropped. I use this personal technique because it is the one that yields the best results.

Here are some formations that have inspired me:

- Street hypnose with Jean-Emmanuel Combe (student of the first training of 2013, then student of level 2 in 2015)
- Energy training with Jean-Jacques Hantraye (2014 and 2015)
- Ericksonian hypnosis training at Emergence, Rennes school (2007 and 2008).

Every year for the past 20 years I have been training and improving in schools to stimulate my creativity, these improvements are made in small group workshops in order to attend hypnosis sessions and to discuss the practices of specialized colleagues. I perfected myself, in regression in age under hypnosis, in automatic writing under hypnosis, in multiple different techniques for the control of pain, in techniques to have an action on eating habits, techniques for support during bereavement, to help victims of accidents etc.

Videos of people talking about their satisfaction:

I do not want to suggest that these results are systematic. These videos are only here to show what, sometimes, hypnosis can do.

In hypnosis we use the terms of the persons, it is in no way a diagnosis but just a way to modify their perception. These terms used as titles of the videos are just used to classify them by themes.

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This site is strictly informative. Hypnose Angers Pascal Brouard does not diagnose, prescribe, treat, heal, or make any recommendation for the treatment of diseases. Hypnose Angers Pascal Brouard assumes no responsibility for the way information is used. By no means can the information on this site be considered as a substitute for competent medical care by a health professional of your choice.

My rates :
UPDATE : Prices from January 2015.


The session


For students


For babies and under 12 years

I use hypnosis techniques for these sessions that I have created. These are conversational hypnosis sessions, with use of cropping, confusion, provocation of the symptom. I chose this because it's how I have the best results.


The session missed without warning


The single session for stopping smoking

See instructions1

* 200€ for a smoking cessation hypnosis session in Paris1

1 Imperative instructions only for stopping smoking:
The person will have to make the appointment himself by phone. They must, with the consent of their doctor, stop at least 5 days before the session any antidepressant or neuroleptic or mood regulator. The treatment can be resumed the very evening of the session. For the smoking cessation session only.

For smoking cessation, I use ericksonian hypnosis.

My schedule :
On appointment.

- Monday to Friday from to 11 am à 8 pm

- Saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm

Annual closures:

These dates may vary from year to year, please call the office for specific dates.

- closed 2 weeks in December

- closed 2 weeks in March

- closed 2 weeks in July-August

- Certificate of competence in the practice of ericksonian hypnosis at the Emergences Rennes Institute (2007 - 2008)